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Venison shoulder


A tender and succulent roasting joint, boned and rolled made easy for carving. Perfect for slow roasting. Ideal for a family meal. 

Venison shoulder joint

Venison... for casseroles, barbecues and roasts

Venison is available year-round and is usually divided into three sections: the fore quarter (shoulders and neck), the loin (or saddle) and the haunches, (or hind legs).

Venison haunch

The haunch, or back leg, is mainly for roasting on or off the bone. It can also be barbecued like leg of lamb.

Venison saddle

The saddle is another roasting joint and is usually done on the bone, although the loin can be boned for steaks or noisettes. It can also be cut into chops.

Venison neck and shoulders

The neck and shoulders are best for braising and casseroles and can be cooked whole or diced. We make mince for our ever popular and award-winning burgers from these sections.

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