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Topside - Serves 4


Serves 4

Our beef is hung and matures naturally for up to 21 days before being passed onto our master butchers who take great pride in carefully preparing the range of cuts that we provide.

The topside is a very popular and traditional roasting joint. A joint with real old-fashioned flavour. Cut from the hind-quarter and tied by our butchers to make for easy carving and great presentation. A classic, mild-tasting cut of beef for the perfect Sunday roast for family and friends. 

Beef... free range and fed on luscious Welsh grass

The beef you buy at the Beacons Farm Shop is all taken from our livestock and livestock bred locally in a free-range environment. The cattle have a health grass-fed diet which gives the meat an excellent flavour.

Our butchers are highly skilled and take care preparing the meat at our processing unit (it has five stars under the scores on the doors scheme).

One of our most popular products is the 21-day matured Welsh fillet steak which is matured on the bone for added flavour. We sell many different cuts of beef suitable for barbecues, casseroles and more plus homemade burgers.

We only despatch orders on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (bank holidays excluded). This is because we need to be sure perishable items in orders can be delivered quickly so that our products reach you in the freshest possible condition (we would not want a food order sitting in a delivery depot over the weekend).

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